Google SEO Algorithm Update May 2021

Google SEO Optimization Guide May 2021 Algorithm Update

Why there are some websites that can be ranked on the Google homepage for a long time, and even featured abstracts appear. But your website hasn’t improved? We have watched a lot of SEO optimization teaching videos or articles compiled by the experts. Yet still can’t catch them all the time. What is actually the prime essence of SEO?

In this article, we are going to share the key factors that affect Google SEO ranking for the May 2021 update. If you are still confused about SEO and don’t know how to perform SEO, we hope the following content in XocialMe can help you.

1. Core Web Vitals

According to Google’s official statement, “Core Web Vitals” metrics will become one of the important factors in ranking in May 2021. This is to solve the problem of poor website user experience. This mainly include 3 website experience indicators, which include:

A. LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): Maximum content rendering time; from the perspective of the guest user. It is the time for the web page to load.

B. FID (First Input Delay): The response time for the visitor uses to interact with the page for the first time, for instance, clicking a button.

C. CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): Page vision is stable and stable. For example, you originally wanted to click the “Go back” button. However, when you clicked it, you actually clicked the “Submit order” button to submit the order.

The above three website experience indicators seem to be very small details, but for users who visit your website, it is often these details that give your website a bad impression. The core of Google is to present the best search results to its search users. If the website experience is not good, the website will not be the best search result for Google. Hence, the ranking will naturally not be high.

2. Google Passage SEO New Algorithm

This brings meaning if paragraph ranking. Google officially announced in October 2020 that the relevant paragraphs of the page will be ranked. Which is the same as an enhanced version of Feature snippet selected paragraphs.

Now Google not only considers the relevance of the page, but also considers the relevance of specific parts of the page. After this algorithm is launched, it will affect 7% of all searches. The scope of influence is already very large, and the Google Penguin algorithm affects 3.1%.

3. Grasp User Search Rate

For Google Core Update May 2021, its purpose is to provide the right content to searchers. So how does Google determine what is correct? There are three core points: keywords, website content, and website experience.

For keywords, the most fundamental thing is the user’s motivation to search for this keyword. After Google understands the target user and search rate.

4. Optimize for Featured Snippets

According to SEMrush’s statistics, 6.83% of all Google search results have a “featured snippet”, and the “featured snippet” steals many clicks from the number one position. Then the question is: how to make your content present a “featured summary”.

5. Increase Click-Through Rate of Website

An industry study found that since 2015, the click-through rate of Google’s mobile organic search has dropped by 41.4%. In fact, it is normal, because Google uses various SERP (Search engine result page) search results functions (selected abstracts, advertisements, questions, etc.) to account for part of the natural search results.

6. High Domain Authority

The authority of the domain once belonged to the rain and dew, but in recent years, the domain authority-website authority (EAT: Expertise-professional, Authoritativeness-authority, Trustworthiness-trusted) is a very important part of Google’s ranking guidelines.

Now EAT has become more important. In the latest Google algorithm report, “reliable sources” are specifically mentioned, and even “EAT” is used as a key factor in website ranking. This means that high-quality, in-depth content is more important for Google SEO.

7. Importance of Video

Cisco claims that by 2022 online video will account for 82% of all online traffic. Undoubtedly, whether it is Tiktok for short videos or YouTube, online video traffic is exploding. Although there are so many videos and platforms, HubSpot pointed out that 43% of people still want more video content.

8. The Rise of Visual Search / Recognition

More and more people use image recognition to search. For instance, search for a certain item with pictures on Taobao on mobile phones and Google is no exception. At present, Google Lens can identify 1 billion items, and this number is still growing.

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