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Google Core Algorithm Update Dec 2020

Google Search Engine Core Algorithm Update Officially Launched in December 2020

Previously, Google has announced at the Search AI Conference that some new search engine algorithm functions will be launched at the end of 2020. Due to the severe schedule and circumstances in 2020, Google may launch the last algorithm at the end of the year. Updates may also be delayed until early next year before launching new core algorithms. However, on the 3rd of December 2020, Google officially announced on Twitter that the final core algorithm of this year is officially launched.

As Google announced on Twitter, Google’s search engine core algorithm update guidelines this time are consistent with previous quality standards. This Google core algorithm update is the 3rd time update in the year, also the last in 2020. It has been quite a while since the last Google core algorithm was launched, which was in May 2020, released on the 4th of May. With the launch of this major core algorithm update, you may observe that many websites and rankings will change drastically in the next few weeks. The process of waiting for the algorithm to be fully applied to all websites and search results requires a few weeks awaits, in order to be fully converted.

What Are The Updates in Google Core Algorithm December 2020?

After the core algorithm is updated, Google will usually re-evaluate the content of all websites and related signal factors, especially for websites that were previously affected by the core algorithm and caused the ranking to be downgraded or lose the ranking. The new core algorithm will be a very good opportunity to re-rank your website.

To summarize this, websites that usually work hard to improve their website rankings will receive very good feedback after the core algorithm is launched. While websites that do not continue to optimize will gradually fall behind due to the progress of other websites overtaking your ranking, which can conclude as “ranking results reflect your efforts.” If you find that your website ranking is affected and dropped, it simply means that your optimization is not working hard enough, or the direction of your efforts might be wrong.

Focus More On Website Content

The next SEO focus in 2021 will gradually focus more on the depth and diversity of content. In addition to providing keywords and content on specific topics in the article, it is best to provide additional related topics and content. This will be regarded as “richer content” and will make your website rank more competitively. You may try to reformat and improve the content of your website, focus on the life behind the content, which means your articles will be updated consistently, active social media, refresh your old content from time to time.

What Do You Think About December 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out?

Has your website been affected by this new December 2020 core algorithm update? Has your website’s ranking recently increased or declined? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss with each other to see the appearance of this core algorithm update and the scope of impact.

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